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Hire Only The Experts For RAID Data Recovery Services

Posted on Sep, 22, 2017

RAID (Redundant array of independent disk) is a storage technology where multiple drives combine into a single unit to create data redundancy. It helps to improve the performance and increases data transfer rate. RAID implementation provides various advantages. Different RAID levels have been created to improve the technology, which continues from RAID 0 to RAID 6.

Due to redundancy, the chances of complete data loss are very low; this is the reason why organizations prefer Raid for the safety of their data. Different RAID level provides a different storage capacity depending upon the requirement of the company. It fulfills the need of long-term data; therefore, it becomes important to choose a right configuration. Often questions are asked about the level of RAID selection in terms of cost and performance.

Raid 6 is on the top of all the RAID levels, due to its dual parity it is capable of recovering two disk failures simultaneously, and therefore, it is highly recommended by the professionals. With increasing technology, the speed and levels will be increased for more storage and greater performances.

One should always take precautions while using arrays. Disk swapping with the same device could be a big reason of disk hampering. At times, drive corruption or disk failure also occurs in the RAID due to the wrong configuration with servers, RAID controller failure, RAID rebuild failure, Firmware update failure, Power surges, Re-initialization of the array, RAID Admin or operator error, etc. No matter what could be the cause, ultimately the result creates two serious issues: data corruption and RAID failure that lead to loss of crucial official data of the enterprise. If you have suffered from the similar problem in the past, & lost your data due to corruption, and now not able to rebuild it again, then don’t worry, there are remarkable ways to regain it.

In order to avoid RAID failure, take Backup regularly. Though RAID is redundant with respect to hard drive failure, still there could be multiple types of failures. While recovering a RAID, the main challenge is distressing, as stripped array should be converted into a contiguous set of sectors. You must check the SMART status of drives, and also use scrubbing process when possible as it reads complete data and determines the bad sectors.

After the failure, the only option you are left with is professional recovery options. Raid is a complex device with multiple components that can fail. Recovery of data from RAID failure can be possible with multiple RAID recovery software or services that are capable of retrieving your data losses with all possible ways. It is always recommended to use data recovery services as they are more reliable and accurate.

Stellar Data Recovery Chennai provides RAID recovery service and his team of experts who guaranteed 100% RAID recovery. We own Research & development center, CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM lab that recovers your RAID data from each instance of logical or physical failure.

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