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Public Cloud Adoption By Indian CIOs – With Caution And Curiosity

Posted on Sep, 22, 2017

Technology is accepted, after lots of apprehensions and then is fully embraced by Organizations. The same applies for the public cloud, as it is being approached with both caution and also curiosity. So far, the CIOs in India were totally focused on the Private Cloud.

However, in the last year, we have seen the readiness of the Organizations to deploy some amount of their workload in the Public Cloud environment.The trend is now, considerably towards a Hybrid Cloud Model, and a slight amount to Public Cloud, suggesting that the CIOs are interested in this overhyped technology. There had been a 13 % drop in numbers of those CIOs, who considered the Public Cloud as only an overhyped technology.

The kind of work to be deployed by the Indian Organizations, embracing this technology centers on externally facing web apps, collaborations, and emails.As per the Mid-air Survey, there is a 61% amount of these CIOs believes in the improved business agility features of the Public Cloud. There can be a reduction in the TCO, as believed by 59% of these CIOs. The reduction in the costs involving the infrastructures is believed by 57% of these people.

The deployment of the Public Cloud does not consider the security as one of the biggest risks involved, but there are other traditional reasons for the non-consideration of the Public Cloud. The largest of all the roadblocks is the vendor lock-in.Building and running a data center do not remain as a problem, with the Public Cloud. The issues that are solved are saving money, flexibility, scalability and also innovations for the organizations.

The Survey also highlights on the security feature of the Public Cloud environment. The number of such CIOs who consider the security feature as a disadvantage is come down from 44 %, as per last year’s survey to 25%.

Now, let us consider the survey, as applicable to the various sectors. The CIOs in the manufacturing sector also considers security as a defect in the Public Cloud Deployment. They still consider security posing as a bigger risk in the Public Cloud environment.

Healthcare and the pharma sectors, is witnessing an 18% reduction in the number of Indian CIOs, considering security to be a bigger risk for public cloud deployment, in their respective organizations.The Integration of the Cloud data with the with the internal systems is considered by 40 % of all these CIOs. About 33% still struggle with the performance related issues and application measurement.

The limitations of the Public Cloud environment are resulting in a backward migration of the Public Cloud. A 15% of these CIOs have moved either back or considering a movement from these Public Cloud environments, thereby reducing the workloads from the Public Cloud.

The Hybrid Cloud is often considered as the best option, the best of the private and the public Cloud. Last year only 35% CIOs adopting the hybrid model, but in 2014 this has increased to 48%.The result, of these, is the deployment of less critical workloads on the Public Clouds while experimenting and finding the suitability of such an adoption. Measured steps are taken, before even considering it for the organizations.

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