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The $299 6TB WD Red Hard Drive For Small Budgets From Western Digital

Posted on Sep, 22, 2017

Western Digital is trying to make its bigger hard drives into affordable ones and has come out with 6 TB hard disk drives. The WD Red hard drives address the unique environment of NAS and the growing demand for affordable, compatible and reliable storage that reduces the total cost of ownership of the customer.

The cost of the red WD hard drive is 299 $ and that of the green WD hard drive is 279 $. The WD Red is designed specifically for those enterprises, which are attached to NAS or the Network attached storage devices and also those with error correction features. In fact, the product is ideal for Home, Workgroup, and SOHO NAS. These drives come in two varieties with 1 to 8 bays and 8 to 16 bays. The bay count is up to 8 in the tower installation and 16 bays for the new WD Red Pro.

The introduction of the 6 TB Storage devices are not only for the increased capacity but also increased performance based on NASware 3.0, as continuity of the original NASware technology from WD. The NASware was designed to improve reliability and system performance, reduction in customer downtime and the simplification of the integration process. This is a highly innovative product for the category of the already existing line of products. WD Red hard drives also feature 3D Active Balance Plus, which is an enhanced balance control technology, which can significantly improve the reliability and the overall drive performance.

The Stabletrac feature is added for the 6 TB WD drive along with the Intellipower scheme for other Red Models. The NASware is upgraded to version 3.0. WD has a focused manufacturing and testing process for the entire Red line-up.

The types of testing which come with the 6 TB WD drive are:

  • Dedicated Consumer NAS Compatibility Test

  • Dedicated NAS Class Manufacturing Process

  • Functional Integrity Testing (FIT)

The 6 TB WD Red hard drives are designed for the 3.5-inch enclosures in both desktops as well as external storage devices.These 6 TB drives are used for increasing storage capacity for the WD’s external storage products. This Red product is qualified for the My Cloud, the two-bay My Cloud EX2 and the four-bay My Cloud EX4 external storage systems. It is also possible to plug these 6 TB drives into Storage Bays and Network Attached Storage Systems (NAS).

This system will be preferred by the enterprise users, gamers, and workstation users when cheaper and low capacity drives are required.The prices for these 6 TB drives will come down further due to the arrival of the 8 TB hard drives from Seagate, sometimes next year.But, these 6 TB hard drives are not to be used by the laptops, even in the near future. The reason for this is the trend of the laptops becoming thinner and this tending more towards the Solid State Drives (SSDs). There is also an increasing trend in the storage of data in external drives or on the cloud storage systems.

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