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What Things To Search For In Your Data Sanitization Service Provider

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

Companies are employing far more reliable methods to keep their proprietary information safe. Any leakage of confidential data to outsiders may result in loss of reputation and sales. When it comes to decommissioning a data center asset, you need to follow the best sanitization safeguards to ensure that your data remains outside the scope of recovery for any program or illicit user. Amidst these concerns, there are a few companies that have evolved their existing technology to attain complete data destruction while complying with the government regulations and IT standards. You need to look for these capabilities in any data sanitization service provider before handing opting to choose one:

Secure Erasure with Hardware Safety

The data sanitization service should be able to achieve secure data destruction without causing any kind of physical damage to the storage media. Hardware reliability is vital for recycling IT assets. The service should ensure that degaussing of media does not occur so that you can easily recycle it to reduce costs and save the environment.

Infrastructure and Personnel

The service provider should have a highly-skilled technological workforce that understands the complexities of hard disk data sanitization processes and performs them in the most astute manner to give reliable results. The company should have state-of-the-art infrastructure and CLASS 100 Clean Room to perform data sanitization tasks for ensuring 100% success rate.

Save Time and Valuable Resources

Overwriting processes can take many of your productive hours, especially if overwriting involves multiple passes. This can even consume several days depending on the hard drive size. To prevent this loss of productivity, the service provider should offer a better alternative to overwriting. It should provide a timely service with an assurance to alleviate all potential risks of a data breach.

Adhere to Regulatory compliance

When achieving the desired level of data destruction, the company should comply with the regulations of HIPAA, SOX & GLB Acts for media disposal and recycling. These acts include rules and regulations that tell enterprises on how to dispose of IT assets that are retired from use.

24*7 Customer Support

Your data sanitization service provider should offer 24*7 customer support while allowing you to track the status of the task at any given point of time. The company should also follow a definitive approach to document the entire process. The comprehensive report should provide the list of items processed, destroyed, or are waiting to be processed.

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