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The client from Chennai has lost data from its non-detected and encrypted hard drive


To recover data from the non-detected and encrypted hard drive


• Decrypted the hard drive using the decryption key sent by the client

• Created an image of the hard drive in the PIO mode using our proprietary imaging software


Successfully recovered all the data that were lost from the hard drive


A client had lost data from its non-detected hard drive, which was also encrypted using BitLocker to safeguard critical data. The 1 Terabyte SATA type hard drive has the model number MQ01ACCF050 and serial number 54BW3LMT.

The client required all the files and folders present on the hard disk, as they were critical. The client did not attempt to recover data on its own from the hard drive and therefore decided to reach out to Stellar Data Recovery.

The Stellar Data Recovery – Chennai team found that the hard drive was weak and had bad sectors on it. Therefore, the test system could not detect the drive properly.

The team recognized this as a case of logical and physical data loss. Due to the considerable number of bad sectors in the drive, the Stellar team used proprietary software to create an image of the hard drive.

The team faced challenges in copying some sectors due to heavy damage to those sectors. Hence, the team used the proprietary tool to complete the imaging process. While creating the image, the hard drive was found to be encrypted with BitLocker. So the team shared the identification key with the client through email and got the decryption key. After receiving the key, the team decrypted the drive, created an image file, and recovered the data successfully. All the credit goes to the team who gained the confidence to image the drive despite the presence of heavy bad sectors and was able to maximize the copying of sectors.

The client verified the recovered data through a remote session and was delighted to get back the lost data.


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