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The client is a business entity that has lost data from a hard drive.


To recover client’s data from the encrypted and non-detected hard drive.


• Stellar Data Recovery Chennai team used data recovery equipment to clone the drive.
• Used the decryption key provided by the client to decrypt encrypted data.


Successfully recovered the MS Word, MS Excel, & PST files from the hard drive.


A corporate client had lost data from its SATA type hard drive (Model Number: ST500LM021; Serial Number: W622ZL37). The issue faced by the client as stated in the Manufacturer’s Authorization Form was encryption and non-detection of the hard drive.

The client had stored important data in the form of Word, Excel, and PST files, which the client was looking to recover. The client did not try to recover encrypted data on its own and did not approach any other data recovery service provider.

The Stellar Data Recovery team of Chennai branch took the data recovery case in their hand volitionally. They found that the hard drive sent by the client had bad sectors and the hard drive did not undergo any spare parts replacement.

At the outset, the team created a clone of the hard drive using proprietary data recovery equipment. During the cloning process, the team faced the problem of copying data due to the presence of bad sectors; therefore, the team skipped some sectors. The machine could copy 70 to 80 percent of the data from the affected SATA Hard Drive.

After the cloning process, the team checked the file system and found safe boot encryption in the hard drive. Accordingly, the team requested the client to provide the decryption key, which they used to decrypt the hard drive. After the decryption of complete data, the team checked the recovered data, which opened without any error, that means team has successfully perform non detected hard drive recovery.

The client verified the recovered data through a remote-session. All the required official data were working fine. The client was glad to get back data and was satisfied with Stellar’s data recovery service and process.


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